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Bundled Services

These bundles are available in areas connected to our fiber optic network. Not sure if you're connected via fiber? Give us a call or use the form on our Services page.

Need business service?

These bundles are for residential customers. For information on business bundles, please contact our office.

Packages are for residential customers only. Prices shown do not include regulatory fees and taxes. Installation and activation fees may apply. All services may not be available in all areas. Internet speeds are “up to” and may vary. All fees are monthly unless stated as “one-time fees.” Upon disconnection equipment must be returned to our office.

Package Add-Ons


  • Managed WiFi - $6.95
  • Managed WiFi Extender - $4.95
  • SecureIT Plus - $7.00
  • Upload Booster - $15.00 per month for a 10Mb upload speed boost

Digital TV

Set Top Boxes

  • Whole Home DVR - $10.00
  • DVR Set Top Box - $10.00
  • Upgrade Standard Set Top Box to DVR - $5.00
  • Additional Standard Set Top Box - $5.00

Premium Channels

  • HBO - $21.95
  • Cinemax - $13.95
  • Showtime/TMC - $15.95
  • Starz/Encore - $11.95


Calling Features

  • 100 Minutes Long Distance - $7.00

Monthly prices are displayed above. Prices shown to not include regulatory fees and taxes.

One-Time Fees

DSL or Wireless Modem - $125.00

Internet, Phone, or Video Install - $25.00 per service

Service Change/Upgrade Fee - $14.00

Individual Services

Individual services are only available in Fiber areas.

The following internet services can be purchased individually.

Download SpeedMonthly Price

Internet Add-ons

  • Managed WiFi – $6.95
  • Managed WiFi Extender – $4.95
  • SecureIT Plus – $7.00
  • Upload Booster – $15.00 per month for a 10Mb upload speed boost

Prices do not include regulatory fees or taxes.

The following TV services can be purchased individually. Click the package names to view available channels.

PackageMonthly Price
Prices do not include regulatory fees or taxes.

Channel Guides

Set Top Box and Remote User Guides

STB User Guide

ADB Remote User Guide

Amino Remote User Guide

The following telephone services can be purchased individually.
ItemMonthly Price
Residential Telephone$18.00
Business Telephone$18.00
Regulatory Fees
Subscriber Line Charge
(Residential and Single Line Business)
Federal FUSC & ARC charges and taxes will also be applied.

Custom Calling Features

Cooperative Telephone Company Custom Calling features will save you time and allow you more control over your telephone use. Contact us today for pricing and availability. To learn more about any feature, simply click the link.

Anonymous Call RejectionRefuse calls from those who have blocked their numbers
Auto Redial/CallbackGet through to busy numbers as soon as they're free.
Call Acceptance ListDecide which calls you'll take.
Call ForwardLet your calls follow you to another number.
Selective Call ForwardingDecide which callers should follow you to another number.
Call Forward Remote AccessFrom any location, turn on, turn off, or change your forward number.
Call Forward BusyWhen your line is busy, your callers can reach someone else.
Call Forward No AnswerWhenever you can't answer, forward your calls to someone who can.
Calling Name and Number (Caller ID)See who's calling before you answer the phone.
Calling NumberSee the number calling before you answer the phone.
Call Rejection ListDon't let unwanted calls disturb you.
Call Trace (Customer Originated Trace)Identify harassing callers through the phone company.
Call WaitingYou'll know when another caller is trying to reach you.
Distinctive Ringing/ Call WaitingYou'll know when someone special is calling.
Incoming Call ReturnEasily dial your last caller even if you didn't answer.
Per-Call BlockingBlock your name and number from being displayed to others.
Speed Calling - shortQuickly dial 8 of your most frequently called numbers.
Speed Calling - longQuickly dial 30 of your most frequently called numbers.
Teen ServiceAllows two telephone numbers to be assigned to the same line.
Three-Way CallingTalk with two people in different places, at the same time.
Access your voice mail from anywhere at 319-647-2020

Technical support procedure

  • If you are experiencing technical difficulty, please call 647-3131 for Customer Service.
  • Afterhours, Weekends and Holidays Trouble Reporting – please call us at 319-647-3030.

Low-Income Iowans Telephone Assistance program

Low-income telephone assistance is available to qualifying low-income Iowans as part of a federal support programs; Lifeline is available through Cooperative Telephone Company. Lifeline is a program that assists qualified low-income Iowans by providing a monthly credit on their telephone bill. Please click here for a brochure or contact our office for more details.

Telephone Complaint Procedures

If you have a complaint concerning your telephone service, please ask to speak with Scott Schabacker, Mgr., at the Cooperative Telephone office. Click here for contact information. If Cooperative Telephone Company does not resolve your complaint, the service may be subject to state regulation. You may contact the Iowa Utilities Board, Department of Commerce, 350 Maple St., Des Moines, IA 50319 or call them at 515.281.3839 or toll free 877-565-4450.

How much speed do you need?

How much speed do you need?

The amount of bandwidth you need is determined by what you do online. Click the button below to learn more.

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