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Great WiFi is vital for a great experience; let us help

While your Internet connection is best judged & used by devices with a wired (Ethernet) connection, most of us need a strong and reliable WiFi connection to fully utilize our Internet product.

Since you likely “just want your WiFi to work” without having to think about it, we are unveiling Managed WiFi.

This product makes your great WiFi – our responsibility.

What you get with Managed WiFi:

  • We provide a Managed WiFi router that uses 2.4 and 5 GHz bands to limit interference.
  • We evaluate your home, ask about your usage, then set up the WiFi router to optimize coverage.
  • We setup the WiFi router’s security to make sure only your devices are using your Internet connection.
  • We manage your router’s firmware to keep it updated, so all your devices connect efficiently.
  • Based on your answers to our consultative questions, you’ll have managed WiFi coverage where you need it in your home.
  • We will connect your current devices and teach you how to connect new ones.