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We are bringing you Fiber Internet!

CTC Technology is now ready to get customers signed up for service in Williamsburg. Please review pricing and go to ‘Order Now’ to get signed up!

NID Example

Permission to Bury

Give us permission to bury fiber to your home or business & put a network interface device (NID) on your structure. (See NID installation photo on the left.) There is NO COST for us to bring fiber to your location if we can do it when we are building in the community. If we have to come back to do it later, there will be a charge.

Haven’t give us permission to bury yet?
Use the buttons on this page to complete the permission form, either online OR by printing out the form and returning it to us.

Project Timeline

We started the fiber-to-the-home network in Williamsburg during the fall of 2021. We’re planning to connect the first customers to CTC Fiber Internet in mid-late summer 2022. Our staff will contact customers who have signed up to schedule installations.

Pricing and Products: Fiber allows us to bring you the best Internet in the world. You’ll have a product that less than 30% of customers in Iowa have, but everyone wishes they had it. Fiber delivers ultra-reliable, ultra-fast, unlimited Internet with NO data caps; Fiber is unmatched.

There is NO COST for us to bring you fiber during this construction phase. If you do not install during initial construction, the cost will be your responsibility.